1934 Riley 9

1934 Riley 9. Factory Preselector Gearbox

Bought 25 years ago, so I would have a "Driver" while I was making an open car,of a Riley Adelphi. In the way of things it needed a bit of work to keep it running.

So: Rebore and bearings, 30,000 miles ago ( Dion Coleman), still good oil pressure. Pressure oil filter and Exhaust Headers. Relined 4th gear cone and bearings etc.

The car drives nicely at around 90kph, and has toured the country. The exhaust has a good tone at cruise and the passenger seat is nicely reclined. I should have sold it years ago but liked it so much I didn't want to.

However I now need less stuff in the shed and need this to go.

Not a concours car,a paint job would improve its visual appeal, or you can run it as it is.

$10,000.      SOLD