Parts and Books for sale

Brass Radiator Core - pre-war ex 1937 Falcon, honey comb,540mm by 350mm by 70mm thick. No top or bottom tanks. In good order. Phone Bill Riley 06 8774163 or Brian Baker 07 8297166

Riley Radiator - pre 1930 German silver? Could be early 9 side valve. Excellent core but body needs hammer and file. Offers to Harold Booth, Phone 09 8172329

RMA Starter Motor - Model M418G, No 25521D, date of manufacture 6-1951. Also Starter motors and Generators for Riley Elf. Offers to Paddy 03 4897970.

   Factory workshop manual for Riley 1.5, in very good condition. Phone Ken Mills 06 3747620 

   Factory workshop manual for Riley RM 1 1/2 and 2 1/2 litre cars, 1947 to 1954, in very good condition. 

   Phone Ken Mills 06 3747620