1937 Riley Lynx

  • 1937 Riley Lynx - Chassis No SS27L6903
    During 1987 - 88 the Lynx was the focus of a complete (Professional) Restoration at which time it was re-engineered to take the 2.5 litre Pathfinder Engine. This has been mated to the original pre select gearbox and driveline which has proven to be most successful and reliable.

    The following years the mileage has not been great, confined to touring & heroic events often on loose metal roads, and subsequently the paintwork in places is not as pristine as it was; - However, the car is in superb condition both mechanically and structurally sound with great lines and pleasing to the eye. I would have no hesitation setting off to venture the width and length to the country tomorrow, alas due to failing health we offer the lynx for sale.
    Two tone Silver over Blue this example of the 1937 Riley Lynx would suit an owner who will enjoy the benefits of excellent looks, practicality and performance. The Upholstery Hood and side curtains are sound and in excellent condition as are the original Instruments and appointments.

    The Lynx has been motored throughout New Zealand bringing much driving pleasure and satisfaction.
    It has proved to be a most delightful touring car at home as much on sweeping isolated back country roads as in modern traffic flows.

    The car is offered for sale and advertised elsewhere, price by negotiation.
    Please address Enquiries to Wallace Mc Nair (owner)
    Email: v12Sunbeam@gmail.com