Pre-War Riley 12/4 Parts

Pre-war Riley 12/4 Parts    UPDATE 21/7/21 - All parts now sold

1 Nearside hub

1 pair Rear Hubs

Set of Tildesley Connecting Rods

Set of Standard bore (69mm) Pistons, No.2 damaged by broken circlip

3rd Type Automatic Clutch,( one of the clutch casings govenor arm pivots broken)

3rd Type Clutch casing ( probaly eary version)

2nd Type Clutch plate assembly with splined hub

3rd Type Clutch driving and pressure plate assembly

3rd Type Clutch driving plate

2nd Type Clutch plate with splined hub

3rd Type Clutch plate

Set of used planetary gears and gear bushes for Wilson gearbox

Twin Carburettor air intake assembly

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