Queen's Birthday Weekend 2-4 June 2018 at Taupo

  • Members Car outside Taupo VCC Club Rooms
    The weekend began with a soup and buns lunch on Saturday in the Club Rooms. A meeting of the Executive followed while others explored Taupo. Dinner was fish and chips in the club rooms preceded by a Happy Hour.
  • Sunday Morning
    Members waiting for others and instructions for the morning run
  • Cars in the Waipahihi Gardens
    The run took us through the Waipahihi Gardens, a new housing area, along the express way to the Wairakei Thermal Power Station look out to view the bore fields, then back to Taupo via the Honey Centre and Helicopter Café.
  • Mine Bay Maori Rock Carvings
    Sunday afternoon started off quite wet just as we boarded a couple of boats for a cruise on the lake. Once underway the rain stopped and in calm conditions we went out as far as the carvings. A meal at the Taupo Club finished the day and weekend off. Another great get together for the Riley Car Club family. Thanks to the organisers.